RI Newborn Photographer | James – 10 days

Oh my goodness, I waited all 9 months to meet this little man. His Auntie Shannon and I are great friends and we had a countdown going until the day he was born when she texted me at 5:30am California time. I am so so excited she can now say she is an auntie! Little James has the sweetest, most wonderful, and baby loving family. Both mom and dad were already pro’s one week in and he was so well behaved. Kristen & Sean, you were made for this job!

We were able to incorporate a special prop, a baseball glove from James’ great aunt who passed. It’s special things like that which make photographs more than just an image. James also made a new friend during our shoot, his little lamb buddy. We all pretty much melted when he gave him numerous squeezes and snuggled him. You’re going to be a heart breaker little man! Welcome to the world XOXO

February 27, 2016