Heaven Gained A Special Angel

I don’t often share personal posts about my life or others but today Heaven gained a great angel. John is someone that’s in a wide range of my childhood memories. Our families met during birthing class and surprisingly re-connected when their oldest daughter Gaby was diagnosed with cancer at the same time as me. Same age, same timing, and that began a friendship between two families that has now lasted 27yrs, despite a few years with crazy schedules not meshing and a quick hiatus.

Growing up I remember John being goofy, much like my own dad, which explains their friendship. Always joking, when I would show up as a teenager to visit Gaby with all of our mutual friends (probably far too often) and we were obnoxiously loud and irritating, he would laugh and throw out a crazy comment that only fueled our madness. This man loved his family so so much, anyone that was around them could see this.

I think I can speak for my whole family by saying we are so grateful to have spent visits with our friends over the past few months despite the circumstances, and I am so thankful to have been able to photograph them in their home. The last time we were able to spend with John and his family was mostly spent on the porch of the gorgeous beach house he built for his wife with beers and desserts, something he was requesting every time we came to visit… Corona’s to be exact. These were brief but special times for us. He shared with us from the start that he knew God had a plan, even if it wasn’t for him to stay here with his girls for as long as he would have liked.

He could not have been blessed with a stronger or more loving family. These pictures show exactly how this whole clan interacted with each other for as long as I can remember. The epitome of love. He may no longer be here for his girls but he will always be looking down on them, proud of everything they have accomplished and I know he is thankful for every sacrifice and every ounce of love they offered him, especially in the most recent months. To see a friend I care so much about who has shared so many adventures with me, and her strength along with her family’s, I can’t imagine anyone stronger than this group of people and I’m blessed to know this family and share this special bond. We are heartbroken for you, but always here for you XO


April 25, 2016