RI Newborn Photographer| London – 7 days

If I didn’t already have such a wonderful family of my own I would want to be part of this one. These little boys are so in love with their new sister and Mom and Dad are absolutely top notch in every way. I met all three of these beautiful littles ones within their first week of life and Miss London, a surprise to us all, was the first little lady to join the gang. When I found out they were not only pregnant again (biggest surprise!), but having a little girl, I knew it was meant to be. They needed some girly-ness to mix it up with all these boys. These are also the only 3 boys that can pull off pink any day of the week.

Not that I ever had any doubts, but again, they blew me away with another perfectly styled nursery. Their house blows any Pottery Barn magazine out of the water. So chic, so stylish, just like them.  The sweetest, most genuine, funny, and kind family ever. I’m so happy to not only have them as clients, but also as friends. Joining them for dinner with little boys on my lap asking to read stories and giving me hugs is just what I needed to kick off a new year of photos with this fantastic family!



June 20, 2016