Boston Photographer | Engaged | Dryden + Ben


Sometimes wonderful people come into your life and if you’re lucky enough, they have equally as wonderful families. Dryden and Ben happen to be the little sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law of my boyfriend Alden. Having known them for a year now, I have experienced their fantastic humor, welcoming arms, and have witnessed how great their relationship is from Boston to Arizona. The laughs and jokes were flowing throughout or session, as usual, and we lucked out with the perfect Boston night before they head back to desert land. Thanks for laughing at my bad jokes and cuddling like champions in public, guys. Can’t wait for your big day!



When your boyfriend bombs the photoshoot… 2017-09-08_0012.jpg2017-09-08_0017.jpg2017-09-08_0003.jpg2017-09-08_0016.jpg2017-09-08_0013.jpg2017-09-08_0002.jpg2017-09-08_0021.jpg

September 8, 2017