Branding Photographer | Clementine Confections

I recently partnered with Elizabeth of Sweet Tales Cakes Boutique and Kerianne of Kerianne Nelson Flora for what was absolutely the sweetest photoshoot I have captured to date. Elizabeth recently announced her newest endeavor this year, Clementine Confections, and we were able to craft a perfectly tailored editorial, branding session to execute her brand in its finest light. Kerianne always stuns with her designs and this particular project offered creative freedoms to explore color that is so often forgotten. These two talented women crafted a great deal of whimsy that I was blown away by.

From sugar brushed macaroons to delicate, personal, passion fruit tarts, Elizabeth’s creations are undoubtedly, the most luxurious and impeccably crafted desserts and sweets I have seen. The perfect final touch for any gathering or surprise gift for someone you care about. I am incredibly excited to watch this new brand flourish and I’m so thankful to have taken part in this vibrant burst of Spring!

April 26, 2021

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