Private Home | Family Session

The pandemic brought many things over the past year, both good and bad. One positive is the exciting Baby Boom making its way across the world. So many beautiful families are growing and on this incredibly hot, July day, I was able to capture the Alden’s in their element just days after they arrived home with baby E. Big brother was such a ham, keeping me on my toes the entire time and I would have it no other way! Despite the 110-degree heat index, this family’s love for one another and playful dynamic shined through their images.

The incredible backdrop for their session was their home. A horse farm spanning across multiple acres, with family nearby on the same property. I can’t dream of a more whimsical and beautiful place to grow up as a little one and I am thankful to have been able to visit this beautiful location and capture this chaotic, yet authentically sweet time in their lives.

July 20, 2021

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