How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Paris

Paris Destination Wedding

My talented and sweet friend Katerina of Katerina Meyvial, a seasoned event planner based in Paris, has written a guide on how to navigate around planning a destination wedding and the romanticism that surrounds it. It can seem like a daunting task to plan your dream event abroad but with the help of a skilled planner, your overseas wedding can truly become a reality! We discussed ideas, dreams, and partnerships over a glass of wine with a perfect Eiffel Tower view during my last trip to Paris and I can’t recommend her skillset and creative ideas enough. She truly is an asset to the creative industry and I am so thrilled to partner with her from abroad.

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via Katerina:

A destination wedding is a great solution for couples that are seeking a unique celebratory experience for them and their guests. Changing the setting, escaping the ordinary, discovering new places and sensations – all of that is priceless. In a modern world, where we all change countries of residence freely and where we create connections all over the world via our studies, work or business, having a destination wedding makes more sense than ever. Among all the destinations in the world, Paris is probably one of the most coveted.

Exquisite wedding venues, gourmet food, a large pool of English-speaking vendors and, of course, airports that are well connected to all major cities in the world – Paris has it all to seduce aesthetes longing for a sophisticated party.

What I love the most about weddings in Paris and its surroundings, is the variety of splendid venues. Luxury hotels with sumptuous decors, historical chateaux where you can literally feel and touch the history. Private mansions that can become yours for the whole duration of your celebration be it a day, a weekend or a week. Whether you are looking for a black-tie celebration or a laid-back garden party in the chateau park, there is always a perfect wedding venue for it!

To make your choice easier, I would categorize venues according to the mood they create. Luxury hotels and reception venues in central Paris will be perfectly adapted for black-tie weddings with a strict dress code. Private chateaux located near Paris would correspond to more laid-back, often open-air events. My favorite locations in Paris are Shangri La, Ritz and some other private venues like salons France-Ameriques. These places offer splendid décor in a French style and amazing gastronomic experience. For those who prefer to celebrate in the countryside, I would recommend looking at chateau de Bouffemont and chateau de Villette. These two castles are very pretty and offer accommodation inside.

If you have other questions about planning your wedding in Paris, feel free to get in touch with me!

Paris Wedding Photographer – Stephanie Vegliante Photography | Paris Wedding Planner – Katerina Meyvial

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April 15, 2020

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