10 Tips For an Incredible Engagement Session

10 Tips For an Incredible Engagement Session

One: Find a location that you absolutely love

Ask your photographer for suggestions and what works best, they may have some great suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of. If you have a location that is special to you, throw that idea out there and see if they have ideas that might be nice to incorporate. Wherever you choose, settle on a style and stick to it for both location and styling. It will be a major help in giving your session a cohesive look. Don’t be afraid to book your engagement session while traveling! How cool would it be to have your engagement session taken in another country or in a place you may never visit again!?


Two: Choose your season

Who says your engagement session has to be during the same season as your wedding? Sometimes it’s a really fun mix to have two different styles for your engagement session and your wedding. For most, it’s rare to have professional pictures taken as a couple. Use this time to explore different options and take advantage.


Three: Find outfits you feel amazing in

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Wear something you love that you may not have another opportunity to wear. Utilize Rent The Runway! Don’t be afraid to dress up a bit and get fancy. You can never be too put together or overdressed. You can also bring a change of outfits to give your gallery two different looks. One more casual, one more dressy, or two outfits that you just feel fantastic in.


Four: Take the edge off


Are you terrified of having your picture taken? Always feel awkward in front of the camera? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Are you a wine fan or a brewery connoisseur? Enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite beer before your photoshoot. Just ONE (we don’t want sloppy pictures)! It takes the edge off just enough for you to enjoy yourself in front of the camera and have fun with it.

Five: Trust your photographer

We have seen it all! Trust that we are there to make you look your best. If you look bad, we look worse. If you have insecurities, don’t be afraid to speak up! We all have them and as professionals, we want to ensure that you love these images of yourself and look and feel your best. If you wait until after your session and ask us to photoshop body parts or features, chances are it’s already too late.


Six: Think of your engagement session as a mini-wedding

Think of this time as a rehearsal for your wedding photography. Most people are not in front of the camera smooching and snuggling with their other half on a regular basis. It can be intimidating but this is the time to lean into it and get a feel for how your wedding day will flow. This is the time to get comfortable in front of the camera without time constraints, a big gown, and guests surrounding you trying to jump in for a hug.


Seven: Use this as an opportunity to work with different vendors

Are there multiple photographers who’s work you are a fan of and who you’d love to work with? Use this as an opportunity to work with different people. As a wedding photographer, I absolutely love photographing my clients’ engagement sessions and they are always some of my favorite photoshoots of the year. It also gives us a chance to get to know one another, break the ice, and have a “rehearsal” before the wedding day. However, if I’m being completely open and honest, I myself worked with two different photographers for my engagement session and my wedding and it was really nice to have two different artists work to show off in our home and to have two different and beautiful styles.


Eight: Get to your location early and familiarize yourself

There is nothing worse than rushing! Especially if having your picture taken isn’t generally one of your favorite past times. Arrive early, take traffic and parking into consideration, and take some time to relax and breathe before you dive into your session. You’ll thank yourself later.


Nine: Get your hair and makeup done

Everyone goes through the hair and makeup process before their wedding day. One option that has always worked out wonderfully for my couples is for my bride to schedule her hair and makeup trial on the same day as her engagement session. This way you’re able to see exactly how you will look in front of the camera on your wedding day after being dolled up. If your specific hair and makeup artist isn’t available on that day, find someone else you trust to professionally pamper you. It truly makes a world of difference in your images and if you feel your best, you will look your best.


Ten: Be yourself

Don’t try to replicate what you’ve seen on Instagram or put on your “sexy face”. Listen to your photographer. If you have hired a professional they will be able to keep the conversation going and make you look your best. You want to look like YOU. The best version of you and you in your element, not a posed Barbie-esque look. As photographers it’s our job to make sure you look great from every angle we are photographing. The best images are the candid, real, and authentic emotions coming through.


10 Tips For an Incredible Engagement Session


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April 27, 2020

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